MINIKITS are titration test kits that utilize tablet reagents instead of liquids.

Using tablet reagents guarantees exact reagent dosing — allowing for more precise titrations than traditional “drop count” test kits.

Test Kits come with required accessories needed to perform the test, including Dilution Tubes, syringes for accurate water measurement, and sample cell cleaning brushes.


ParameterRangeReagentReagent P/N
Chlorine, Free0 – 3.5 mg/lDPD Free Reagent, 5 ml sampleRP009-0
Chlorine, Total0 – 3.5 mg/lDPD Total Reagent, 5 ml sampleRP008-0
DescriptionQtyPart Number
Calibrated Tube, 30 ml, with lid1 EaL385132
Calibrated Tube, 100 ml, with lid1 EaL385130