Test Kits

Aqua Comparator Kit

Aqua Comparator >>

The Aqua Comparator is an accurate, easy to use test kit for water analysis. Simply add the reagent to the sample cell, rotate the color disc (with continuous color scale) and read off the concentration value. >>
Arsenic Test Kit

Arsenic Test Kit >>

The Arsenic Test Kit is able to accurately detect very low levels of arsenic, and can be used to determine the presence of arsenic in drinking water. >>


MiniKits >>

MiniKits are quick, simple and unique visual tests for water analysis. The use tablets reagents that have a shelf life of at least five years. Most MiniKits use titrimetric methods. >>

Comparator Disc

Comparator 705 >>

The Comparator 705 with its accessories is an extremely versatile and highly precise visual colorimetric water analysis system for water analysis. >>


KATHON™ Test Kit >>

The new KATHON™ Microbiocide test kit enables the rapid and accurate measurement of active microbiocide in a range of industrial cooling water applications. >>



Primary Chlorine Standard Kit >>

This self contained kit will allow preparation of a 1.5 mg/l NIST traceable primary chlorine standard without need for complicated dilutions or the additional use of pipettes or glassware. >>

Legionella Test Kits >>

Detect legionella in as little as 25 minutes with our early warning indication tests! >>