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MiniKits are quick, simple and unique visual tests for water analysis. The use tablets reagents that have a shelf life of at least five years. Most MiniKits are titrimetric methods based on the following procedures:

Tablet Count Method:

In the tablet count method, the liquid titration solution and indicator are replaced by Orbeco-Hellige tablet reagents. A specified number of tablets are added to a defined sample volume until a color change takes place. The concentration of the parameter being measured is calculated from the number of tablets required. The measuring range can be expanded by varying the sample volume.

Speed Test:

The speed test is based on reverse titration. After adding a reagent tablet to a calibrated test tube, the water sample is added slowly until the color of the solution changes ( for instance, from red to blue). The user can then read the result from the liquid level

Yes / No Test:

A Yes/No test can determine if a specific ingredient is present in the water and/or if its concentration is higher or lower than a defined level.

Turbidity Method:

A two-section calibrated tube is filled with sample and a reagent tablet is added. The reagent creates a level of turbidity that is proportional to the concentration of the parameter being measured. The inner tube, which has a black dot on its base, is lowered until the dot is obscured by the turbidity. The result is read from the water level in the inner tube.

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