The AquaPRO6 allows fast and easy measurement of the 6 most important pool water quality parameters:

  • Chlorine (Free & Total)
  • pH
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Bromine

The instrument utilizes long shelf life tablet reagents and test data for 16 data sets (including date and time of test) can be stored in the unit’s internal memory and then downloaded to a laptop or PC using the available IRiM infrared data transfer module.

Features of the AquaPRO6 include:

  • Ability to test chlorine in two ranges (0.01 – 6.0 ppm and 0.1 – 10.0 ppm)
  • 16 point internal data storage
  • Automatic wavelenght selection
  • One-time “Blanking” function
  • Infrared interface for data transfer to a computer or printer
  • Waterproof (IP 68 Rated)
  • Portable
  • Low cost per test
Instrument:Dual wavelength, direct reading photometer.
Light Source:LEDs, interference fiters (IF) and photosensor in transparent cell chamber.
Wavelength specification of the IF:
530 nm Δλ =  5 nm
560 nm Δλ =  5 nm
Wavelength Accuracy:
± 1 nm
Photometric Accuracy:
3% Full Scale (T = 20°-25°C)
Photometric Resolution:
0.01 A
Power Supply:4 x AAA (LR 03) Batteries
Lifetime: approximately 17 hours or 5,000 tests
Auto-Off:10 minutes after last keypress
Display:LCD (back-light upon keypress)
Storage:automatic; 16 data sets with time and date stamp
Interface:Infrared interface for data transfer
Time:Real time and date
Calibration:Supplied factory calibrated.
User calibration is possible.
Reset to factory calibration is possible.
Dimensions:155 x 75 x 35 mm
Weight:250 grams (including batteries)
Ambient Conditions:Temperature:  5-40°C
Relative humidity:  30-90% (non-condensing)
Waterproof:IP 68 (1 hour at 0.1 meter); floats
Warranty:2 years
ParameterRangeMethodReagentReagent P/N
Chlorine, Free & Total0.01-6.0 ppmDPDDPD No. 1 Tablets, 100 PackRT105-0BT
DPD No. 3 Tablets, 100 PackRT108-0BT
Chlorine, Free & Total0.1-10 ppmDPDChlorine HR (DPD) Reagent SetRS1500
pH6.5 – 8.4 pHPhenol RedPhenol Red Photometer TabletsRT177-0BT
Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)2 – 160 ppmMelamineCyA Test Tablets RT137-0BT 
Alkalinity5 – 500 ppmAcid/IndicatorAlka-M HR Photometer TabletsRT324-0BT
Bromine0.2 – 20 ppmDPDDPD No. 1 HR TabletsRT150-0BT
Calcium Hardness5 – 500 ppmMurexideCalcio Hardness Reagent SetRS7760
DescriptionIncludesPart Number
AquaPRO6 LPAP6-10

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