Test Kits


MiniKits >>

MiniKits are quick, simple and unique visual tests for water analysis. The use tablets reagents that have a shelf life of at least five years. Most MiniKits use titrimetric methods. >>

Aqua Comparator >>

The Aqua Comparator is an accurate, easy to use test kit for water analysis. Simply add the reagent to the sample cell, rotate the color disc (with continuous color scale) and read off the concentration value. >>
Arsenic Test Kit

Arsenic Test Kit >>

The Arsenic Test Kit is able to accurately detect very low levels of arsenic, and can be used to determine the presence of arsenic in drinking water. >>


KATHON™ Test Kit >>

The KATHON™ Microbicide Test Kit enables the rapid and accurate measurement of active microbicide in a range of industrial cooling water applications.

Comparator 705 >>

The Comparator 705 with its accessories is an extremely versatile and highly precise visual colorimetric water analysis system.

Nesslerizer Systems


711 Nesslerizer Systems>>

The 711 Nesslerizer System is an ideal instrument for measuring the color of water and other water quality parameters with low chemical concentrations that develop extremely pale colors.


Series 942 >>

The Mini Analyst specific test water analyzers are easy-to-use and easy-to-carry for fast, precise water tests. Economically priced, the 942 is ideal for when a specific test is performed frequently. >>

SC400 >>

Orbeco-Hellige introduces a new series of rugged, waterproof, single parameter colorimeters for laboratory and field testing. The SC400 comes is a wide variety of parameters and uses the popular new Powder Pack reagent chemistries. >>

MC500 >>

This Multi-Parameter Colorimeter features an industry-leading 6 wavelength photo detector array. With over 70 pre-programmed methods and the ability to store and transfer 1,000 data sets, the MC500 is the ideal instrument for testing in the field or in the laboratory. >>


SP600 Spectrophotometer

SP600 Spectrophotometer >>

The SP600 is an advanced single-beam scanning spectrophotometer dedicated to water quality analysis. It is able to perform over 100 different preprogrammed analyses. >>

Turbidity Meters

TB200 >>

The TB200 Portable Turbidimeter allows for fast and easy turbidity measurement in both the field and in the laboratory. It is available in 2 versions: White Light, meeting US EPA standard 180.1 or Infrared, meeting ISO standard 7027. >>

TB300-IR Lab Turbidimeter >>

With the TB300-IR, Turbidity is measured according to measurement standard ISO 7027 using an infra-red light source. This permits measurement of colored and color-free samples. >>

Electrochemistry Meters

SD Testers >>

These hand-held meters are completely waterproof and are ideal for field testing in environmental or industrial settings as well as for pool and spa testing

Series 150 Multiparameter Meter >>

Combines testing for pH/Redox, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen in one easy-to-use instrument.

Series 200 >>

For pH / redox measurement and temperature measurement (Pt1000 or NTC 30kOhm). The water-tight housing complies with IP67. >>

BOD System


Oxi700 BOD System >>

The Oxi700 BOD System is a manometric respirometer that measures Biological Oxygen Demand according to Standard Methods 5210 D. >>

Floc Testers


ET 740 and 750 Laboratory Floc Testers >>

Equipped with 4 or 6 stirring places, Orbeco-Hellige’s line of laboratory Floc Testers feature illuminated back panels for glare-free observation. >>


ET730 Portable Floc Tester >>

Primarily designed for use in the field, the ET730 is 4 stirring stations are arranged in a circle for easy observation of the flocculation process. >>