Use these products for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis:


SC450 Colorimeter:
The newest line of single parameter instruments!  These rugged, waterproof instruments are ideal for laboratory or field testing.  Available for a wide variety of parameters, the instruments feature a large display, real time clock, automatic data logging and the ability to export data using the IRiM.
MC500 Colorimeter:
Our multi-parameter colorimeter has over 90 pre-programmed methods for water quality analysis.  This user friendly instrument has features such as on-screen assistance, a users favorite menu, and the ability to export data to a PC.
SP600 Spectrophotometer:
This versatile, wavelength scanning, single beam, spectrophotometer is ideal for water quality analysis.  It features a unique sample cell chamber (no adapter required for different size cells!) and easy to read screen.
TR125 Reactor:
The TR125 can aid in the chemical digestion of samples that require it, such as in, the determination of COD, TOC, total phosphate and total nitrogen. The required temperatures and reaction times are pre-programmed, and easy to select by using the keypad on the front of the reactor.


 cod2COD Tube Test Reagents:
Our COD reagents are formulated for use in other manufacturers’ colorimeters and spectrophotmeters are are US EPA compliant. Mercury-free options are also available.