Comparator 705

The Comparator 705 is a hand-held and completely portable instrument that is ideal for use in the field, lab or plant.The comparator incorporates a magnifying prism which brings the color standards and the test sample side-by-side into one image, making it easy for the user to make an exact color match.Orbeco-Hellige stongly recommends the use of one of our daylight units. They provide uniform lighting in any condition and help ensure the reproducibility of results.
Color Scales: Gardner, ASTM, APHA/Hazen, Organic Impurities in fine aggegates, Alpha Amylase


Varnish Comparator Outfits (Gardner Color)Our series of Comparator 705 Varnish Outfits meet the specifications for ASTM D-1544 and AOCS Method Td 1a.
They use 18 permanent colored glass standards in two discs ranging from values of 1.0 to 9.0 and 9.0 to 18.0
Oil Comparator Outfits
(ASTM D-1500 and ASTM D-1524)
Our series of Comparator 705 Color of Oil Outfits meet the specifications for ASTM D-1524 and ASTM D-1500.
They use 17 permanent colored glass standards in two discs ranging from values of 0.5 to 5.0 in 10 steps and 5.0 to 7.0 in 7 steps.
Color Of Water Sets
(ASTM D-1209
The Orbeco-Hellige Nesslerizer system for color of water (Pt-Co./APHA) is an easy to use 2-field comparator kits.
The sample color is visually matched in the comparator instrument against graded colored glass filters in Orbeco-Hellige test discs.
Organic Matter In Sand
(ASTM C-40)
The 815 tester is used for quick and accurate tests of organic matter in sand and aggregate for concrete.
Alpha AmylaseThis disc and accessories are available for testing Alpha Amylase using the A.S.B.C. Dextrinization procedure for Malts.

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