Honey ColourPod

 The Lovibond® Honey ColorPod combines simplicity with accuracy for the measurement of color in the honey industry.  This instrument is able to take readings in as little as 3 seconds and displays resluts in Pfund units (mm). 

The Pfund color scales is for grading commercial honeys, ranging from pale through to deep amber and based on Pfund values in millimetres.  The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established its own descriptive color classification for extracted honey, which is also based on Pfund values. 

The instrument is compact and portable allowing for measurements to be made at the location, rather than having to carry samples back to the laboratory.

Applications:  Food & Beverages, Sugar Solutions, Syrups & Honey

Color Scales:  Honey Colour (Pfund Equivalents)



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440110    Honey ColorPod (Pfund Equivalents)    
132750    10mm 4 sided cell (Pack 100) For use with Honey ColorPod     no photo available

Please note:  This items is available through Orbeco-Hellige to customers in the United States.  We will be happy to refer any other requests to the proper source.


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