Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Color (ASTM D 1209)

Range: 0-500 mg Pt/l
Path Length: 50mm (PFX/PFXi-195), 100mm (PFX/PFXi-950, 995 Series)
Often referred to as PT-Co, Platinum-Cobalt, Hazen or APHA Color. All terms are interchangeable and equally valid. This scale is used to measure clear to dark amber liquids and was originally defined by specified dilutions of a platinum-cobalt stock solution, ranging from 0 at the light end of the scale to 500 at the darkest.

This Scale is available in a digital format on our automatic PFX and PFXi ranges of instruments, with a resolution of 1 unit. It is used extensively in the water industry but also for clear oils, chemicals and petrochemicals such as glycerin, plasticizers, solvents, carbon tetrachloride and petroleum spirits.

The high range Platinum Cobalt/Hazen/APHA discs 4/28 and 4/28A should be used with the following accessories:
Lovibond 2000+ Comparator
W680/OG/40mm Cell
Daylight 2000 Lighting Unit

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