Color Scale Grading techniques are widely used to assess product color by comparison with a representative series of fixed color standards. For many product types, a characteristic set of standards was agreed and adopted to aid color control and the communication of color specifications; the result is a selection of traditional color grading scales that have been adopted as industry standards and are still in common use today.

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Color Scales

(ASTM E 313)Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Color
Acid Wash Test (ASTM D848)Klett Color (blue filter KS-42) (AOCS Dd 5)
ADMI Color (American Standard Methods 2120 E)Kreis Value (Rancidity in Fats)
Alpha Amylase Activity in Liquid EggLactate Dehydrogenase
Alpha Amylase in MaltLead in Aviation Fuels
Anti-Icing in Aviation FuelsLovibond® RYBN Color
AOCS-Tintometer® ColorMaple Syrup
ASBC ColorMilk Quality Resazurin Test
ASTM Color (ASTM D 1500, ASTM D 6045, ISO 2049, IP196)Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregates
Barrett ScalePaint Research Station (PRS) Color
beta Carotene (BS 684 Section 2.20)Phosphatase in Blood
Carbonisable Substances (Insolubles)Phosphorous, Inorganic in Blood
Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP) ColorPlatinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Color (ASTM D 1209)
Chlorophyll A & B (AOCS Cc 13d)Proteins
Cholinesterase ActivityQuinazarin Warehouse Kit
Chromium in airQuinazarin Warehouse Test
Dichromate Color Index (DGF C-IV 4d discontinued)Quinizarin (Marked Oils)
Dyed Aviation Gasoline (ASTM D 2392)RGB
EBC (European Brewing Convention)Rosin – French (Bordeaux) Color
EuromarkerRosin – US Naval Stores (ASTM D 509)
European Pharmacopoeia (EP) ColorRubber Latex
FAC Color (AOCS Cc13a-43)Saybolt Color (ASTM D 156, ASTM 6045)
Gardner ColorSeries 52 (Brown) Scale
Hemoglobin Content of BloodSpectral data
Hess-Ives Color Units (DGK F050.2)Sugar/Glucose in blood
Honey Color (Pfund Equivalents)Urea in Blood
ICUMSA Color Index (ICUMSA GS1-7, ICUMSA GS2/3-9)US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Color
International Fruit Juice Union (IFU) ColorWhisky
Iodine Color (DIN 6162)Whiteness Index (ASTM E 313)
IP Units (IP 17Method B)Yellowness Index (ASTM E 313)

Color Values

Choosing the Right ToleranceMiscommunication of Color Data
CIE 94Delta E* color difference
CIE L* u* v* Color SpaceHunter Lab
CIE L*a*bMetamerism index
CIELAB (L*C*h)xyY chromaticity co-ordinates
CMC TolerancingXYZ tristimulus values

Spectral Data

Optical density (Absorbance)

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