Aqua Tester for Color of Water Analysis

The Aqua Tester is a precise, visual instrument for rapid and accurate tests in the lab. It is an advanced visual system for the measurement of the color of water and low chemical concentrations of many other parameters in which extremely pale colors are developed.

Please note: Production of the Aqua Tester ended in September 2008.  While the Aqua Tester is no longer available, select discs and accessories are available while supplies last.

If you need a new system, please see our Comparator 705 and 711 nesslerizer Options.

DescriptionQty.Part Number
Aqua Tester1 EaItem no longer available
DescriptionRangeMethodPart Number
Color of Water Disc0 – 25Pt.-Co / APHA / Hazen611-9
Color of Water Disc10 – 70Pt.-Co / APHA / Hazen611-10
Color of Water Disc0 – 70Pt.-Co / APHA / Hazen611-10A
Color of Water Disc5 -100Pt.-Co / APHA / Hazen611-11
Color of Water Disc0 – 500Pt.-Co / APHA / Hazen611-100
DescriptionQty.Part Number
Nessler Tube, 200 mm1 Ea611-T
Plunger1 Ea611-PL
2721 Ea272
Filter Plate1 EaNo longer available
Prism Attachment1 EaNo longer available
Voltage Reducer (for 220v, 50/60Hz operation)1 EaNo longer available
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  • Product Information Update — Aqua Tester Discontinued (Coming Soon!)

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